Growing Crops in Space

Dr. Kent Kobayashi, Associate Professor in the Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences Department at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is seeking an undergraduate student for a HSGC Fellowship. Brief Description of Project: Horticulture
NASA is keenly interested in and has been conducting research on growing crops in space and on Mars as a source of food for astronauts. This proposed project involves growing crops in different kinds of Martian “simulated” soils. It offers a choice of working in several research areas: 1) comparing the effects of different “simulated” Martian soils; 2) comparing the effects of different “simulated” Martian soil formulations; and 3) growing different kinds of crops. The aim of the project is to provide the student with research and learning opportunities related to space biology, plant physiology, and horticulture. It is anticipated that results from this project would provide information on the effects of different “simulated” Martian soil components on crop growth and the use of alternative crops in space. Qualified students should have an interest and background knowledge in botany or horticulture.
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