Girl Powered Stem Challenge: Design a Pen Holder (Winners Announced)

Congratulations to the following winners!

  • Leia N., 5th grader at Manoa Elementary School, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Ayla A., 5th grader at Wilcox Elementary School, Lihue, Hawaii

  • Jazzmine M., 5th grader at Wilcox Elementary School, Lihue, Hawaii

Thank you to all the participants that submitted your ingenious designs!!!

More Information

Who is eligible?
• Elementary, middle, or high school girls attending school in Hawaii

What do I use to design my pen holder?
• With help from a parent, guardian, or your teacher, create a TinkerCAD account to start designing your pen holder!

How big can my pen holder be?
• No bigger than 10”x10”x10”

How do I know what I want for my pen holder?
• Do some research on other pen holder designs
• Check out shopping sites like and
• Find some pen holders designs that you like, take the best part of each design and
combine them to make your own!

I’ve never used TinkerCAD before, what do I do?
• TinkerCAD has great tutorials to get started for beginners
• Go through the Starters, then try complete one or two Lessons
Setting up your Pen Holder Design:

For more information: click here for the handout. <------
Educator Guide:
Student Slides:

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