Future Flight Lesson Plans Title
Squishy Circuit

Building flexible circuits out of conductive dough.

Basic Electricity (open circuit, closed circuit, short circuit, parallel circuit, series circuit, atom, electron flow)

The Great Spinners

Students will build a top out of everyday materials.  Their challenge is to design and build a spinning top that can spin the longest.  Students investigate factors which affect the length of time a toy top spins. 

Mystery Powders

Introduce students to the chemical and physical properties of 5 ordinary white powders

Introduction of Indicators:  heat, vinegar, water, iodine

Introduce students to the Periodic Table

Finding Your Way With a Compass

The Worldwide Voyage of Hōkūleʻa called attention to our responsibility to care for our Earth. The navigators sailed their canoe Hōkūleʻa using the stars, sun, and swell to guide them around the world, relying on signs from nature and ancient wisdom to guide them to each destination. They were expert pathfinders. We can gain an appreciation for what they know and are able to do with the use of a navigation tool, the compass.

Worms For Our World

Worms can save the world by reducing waste in the environment and enriching the soil with organic nutrients. Good for the soil, good for the plants, good for you and me.

How can we reduce waste and enrich the soil without using chemical/non-organic fertilizer?

STEM Project Based Learning Title
Paper Roller Coaster

Your team is commissioned by the Amusement Park Corporation to apply their knowledge of basic inertial, gravitational and centripetal forces, potential and kinetic energy, friction, and the engineering design process, in order to design and build the most exciting and longest lasting roller coaster ride.

Space Science Lessons

Enhance your teaching materials and test students' knowledge by using these list of resources and student lesson plans about Space Science.

Professional Development Title

We live in a human made world for more than 90 per cent of our lives. Students need to “do” science and not just read about science…students need the tools to become innovators for a world that is not yet defined. Students need to have experiences in scientific inquiry and in the engineering design process, and seek outcomes for a burning question via project based learning.

For teacher professional development support, in service and pre service, contact art@higp.hawaii.edu

Professional Development Links

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