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Why is robotics important?

Robotics technology is a growing industry which creates high-tech jobs in the US.

Robotics technologies are helping to improve healthcare, national defense, homeland security, energy, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, agriculture, education, consumer goods, and many other sectors

Robotics provides an exciting, hands-on way for students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Robotics is a CONCRETE and TANGIBLE way to build and strengthen cognitive development, as well as other academic areas such as mathematics, engineering, communication skills, strategic thinking and goal-oriented thinking.

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Robotics Programs and Events

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In Remembrance of Mark Leon

We Remember our friend Mark Leon, a Catalyst for Scholastic Robotics in Hawai'i. HSGC mourns the loss of Mark Leon, after learning of his passing in California.


FIRST Robotics

Includes FIRST Lego League (Gr. K - 8), and FIRST Robotics Competition (Gr. 9 - 12). The inaugural FIRST Robotics Hawai‘i Regional competition occurred in 2008.

MATE Underwater ROV Competitions

VEX Robotics

Robot Events


The students are given a task. The students build a mechanical robot to achieve defined functionality. These robots are often equipped with sensors to respond to their environments. These sensors include touch, light, temperature, rotation and others. The student then writes a program on their computer and downloads that program to the smaller computer located in the robot. This program determines how the robot will function and how it will react to outside stimuli. Defined tasks might start very simply and could become very complicated.

This program also includes team building. This is a skill that many adults do not have. Young children find that working in a team can be tough. This program requires that children build their team skills - an essential skill for working in the 21st century.

The skills learned via this program can be readily applied and transferable to work in any industry. Parents who have observed children in these environments are amazed at what these kids are experiencing. Perhaps most importantly, it engages kids at all levels, and keeps them engaged in non school hours.

Dreams do come true! This video of Mauka Lani Elementary School’s VEX IQ robotics team captures well the outcomes of participating in scholastic robotics for students; this school was provided with starter kits, game field and programming software via the Labor/IT grant last summer. The video was completed last fall before the State IQ championships; at the championships on February 20, this team new to robotics had the ultimate dream come true: from an underdog placement, they won the elementary tournament teamwork championship along with their partner, another rookie team. They qualified for the World VEX IQ championships in Louisville, Kentucky in April 2017. 

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VRC, Pearl City High School Tournament , MS&HS, In-Person, with Standard Judging (12/4/21)

VRC, Big Island East VRC Tournament 2, MS&HS, In-Person, with Remote Judging : Robot Events (12/11/21)

VRC, West Oahu VEX Robotics Tournament, MS&HS, In-person, with Standard Judging (12/18/21)

2022 Hawaii VRC State Championship presented by Hawaiian Electric (2/25/22 – 2/26/22)

2023 Hawaii VRC High School Regional Championship Presented by Hawaiian Electric (2/19/23 – 2/20/23)

VIQC, Manoa SKILLS ONLY, ES&MS, In-Person, Mock Judging (12/11/21)

VIQC, Hawaii Space Grant Consortium Live Remote Tournament, ES&MS, Remote, No Judging (1/15/22)

2022 Hawaii VEX IQ Middle School State Championship presented by Hawaiian Electric (2/21/22)

2023 Hawaii VEX IQ Elementary School Regional Championship Presented by Hawaiian Electric (1/28/23)


Priory VEX GO Workshop

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa College of Engineering Workshop

B2C2 Design and Coding Camp

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