Tech Sum Podcast: Ep. 3 – Art Kimura

In the Tech Sum Podcast featuring Art Kimura, former K-12 Education Specialist for the Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium.  Art's introduction to robotics education has inspired and empowered students to pursue STEM careers, develop problem-solving and teamwork skills, and foster creativity and innovation. The podcast highlights Art's life story, his passion for robotics, and his role in creating and leading various robotics programs in Hawai'i, such as the Botball Educational Robotics Program, the Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium, and the Future Flight Hawai'i Program. Art Kimura shared some examples of successful robotics projects and competitions that introduced robotics to Hawai'i's students. Art's contributions have given him "the Godfather of Robotics" title from the former Governor of the State of Hawai'i, Linda Lingle. The podcast concludes with reflections on the current and future state of robotics in Hawai'i, the challenges of funding and sustainability, and the opportunities for collaboration and outreach with other organizations and communities. Art also gave some advice and encouragement to aspiring robotics enthusiasts and educators. Despite his retirement, his contributions have resulted in a flourishing STEM community more specifically in VEX IQ and VEX Robotics competitions.


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