UH Community College NASA Payload Rocket Launch

A culminated project of University of Hawaiʻi Community College students is about to be shown off this coming August at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The Project Imua Mission 10 has been working around the clock to prepare their fourth UH Project Imua payload to reach outer space.


A collaboration between Windward Community College and Honolulu Community College students, where each team would tackle the manufacturing process for getting the foot long, 15 pounds of aluminum payload into space.  Windward Community College designed and built the chasis of the camphor-powered sublimation rocket, while the Honolulu Community College team produced the camera and inertial measurement unit modules to track the rocket's movement. Jacob Hudson, Windward CC faculty mentor, Nikki Arakawa, Windward CC team lead, and D’Elle Martin, Honolulu CC team lead, will be traveling to Virginia to administer and test the rocket for launch.


Project Imua consists of multiple UH Community College campuses that provide a faculty-student enterprise in affiliation with the Hawaiʻi Space Grant Consortium. Students have the opportunity to work alongside NASA engineers and gain rare, first-hand rocketry experience.

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