2022 Hawaii Space Grant Consortium Live Remote Tournament

The 2022 HSGC Live Remote Tournament took place on Saturday, January 15. Congratulations to Ten Ton Robotics (1012H) and Fancy Server (70090S) for placing number one with a high score of 196. Also, congratulations to our runner-ups of the competition being Robo Guys (16688E) and 星际穿越 (71122B).

Mahalo to all the teams that participated in our VEX IQ Live Remote Tournament and a special thank you to all the coaches, mentors, and parents that continue to provide robotic opportunities to our students this year! We were very excited to see all our local, mainland, and international teams perform honorable and show all the hard work they have put into their bots. We look forward to seeing you and all the improvements made to your robots in the upcoming tournaments!

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