Students from Kalani and Roosevelt High Schools Participate in the 2014 Japan Super Science Fair in Kyoto, Japan

Group photo of high school STEM students.Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium is pleased to celebrate the achievements of five students (from Kalani and Roosevelt High Schools) who are participating in the 2014 Japan Super Science Fair (JSSF) this week in Kyoto, Japan. Liana Michelle Young, Lee Danielle Young, Riley Kishaba, Aaron Segawa, and Camelia Lai (who did not travel) completed a research project about Gale crater on Mars with HSGC/HIGP mentors Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel. They worked with data from the Mars Global Surveyor/Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter instrument using the geospatial software ENVI. The students will give a slide presentation and poster at JSSF about their topographic analyses of the landforms inside Gale Crater and the possible role of water in forming them, as well as an overview of NASA’s Curiosity rover mission in Gale crater. For more please visit the JSSF 2014 website and NASA’s Curiosity Rover website.

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