Heidi Needham and Chemistry Professor Ho Leung Ng Share the Excitement of Earth and Space Science With Summer School Students and Teachers from Waianae High School

Portrait of Fellow Heidi Needham.Sharing the excitement of Earth and space science, recent Space Grant Fellow (Spring 2013) and McNair Scholar Heidi Needham and Chemistry Professor Ho Leung Ng co-hosted a group of 18 summer school students and two teachers from Waianae High School on the UH Manoa campus. Their visit included a stop in the POST building’s Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center to hear a presentation about (and touch) meteorites and the collection expeditions to Antarctica by Space Grant communications specialist Linda Martel. Heidi is a senior in Global Environmental Science and completed a Spring 2013 fellowship project titled, “Investigation of Layered Lunar Mare Lava Flows through LROC Imagery and Terrestrial Analogues” with mentor Dr. Sarah Fagents of the Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology.

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