Astronaut Stan Love Visits UH Manoa

Photo of Linda Martel, Astronaut Stan Love, and Ed Scott in Honolulu.Astronaut Stan Love (center) visited U. H. Manoa during his Oahu trip. In addition to giving an evening public talk about his experiences on STS-122, Atlantis from February 7-20, 2008, Astronaut Love met with colleagues from his days here in 1994 working as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology. He also met informally with enthusiastic students and faculty answering questions about astronaut applications and training. Pictured with Astronaut Love are Space Grant’s Linda Martel and Edward Scott who are holding space-flight mementos, photo of Oahu and meteorite sample, that Love presented to HIGP and Space Grant. See the article “UH Astronaut Love Gives Meteorite a Lift” from Malamalama, the magazine of the University of Hawaii. More information is also available in this astronaut bio, in Stan’s pre-flight interview, and on the STS-122 mission page.

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