Dale Olive of Waiakea High High Receives 2008 American Stars of Teaching Award from U.S. Department of Education

Photo of teacher Dale Olive with his family.The U. S. Department of Education honored Dale Olive, Waiakea High School, with a 2008 American Stars of Teaching Award. This award is given annually to one person in every state to recognize and honor superior teachers with a track record of improving student achievement, using innovative instructional strategies, and making a difference in the lives of their students. As Art Kimura remarked at the award assembly, “Dale is first and foremost the outstanding classroom teacher, inspiring so many to enter the field of science and engineering. He has [also] developed the most comprehensive school robotics program, unique in offering a variety of programs and competitions (FIRST Robotics Competition, Botball, VEX, underwater ROV, micro robot), along with a wide range of skill sets that prepare them for the world.” HSGC is pleased Dale is a Future Flight Hawaii leader and is also working with us to assist the Imiloa Astronomy Center, providing facilitation of professional development and other educational outreach opportunities. Congratulations, Dale!

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