U.H. College of Engineering CubeSat Satellite Project

Undergraduates from the U.H. College of Engineering are making headline news with their CubeSat satellite project. A project set in motion at U.H. by Hawai`i Space Grant and partially funded through Space Grant Undergraduate Fellowships and a $10,000 donation for equipment. By the end of the year, the 4-inch-square aluminum microsatellite will be outfitted with high-tech communications gear, magnets, digital photo equipment, and temperature and X-ray sensors. The satellite is tentatively scheduled for launch in early 2003 from Russia onboard a refurbished ICBM missle. Dr. Wayne Shiroma, UH associate professor of Electrical Engineering and six other advisors are working with the 54 students involved. Eight of the 54 undergraduates are Space Grant Fellows. To see the full article, visit Honolulu Advertiser.

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