Annual Campuswide Symposium and Exhibit of Undergraduate Research

Annual Campuswide Symposium and Exhibit of Undergraduate Research: This showcase of undergraduate research took place on the Manoa campus from 8:30am to 2:30pm with the presentation of creative and scholarly works by undergraduates from the UH system. Students gave 15-minute oral presentations and displayed posters to share their research with other students, faculty, and the UH community.

Dr. Frank Perkins, Assistant Vice-President for Research and Graduate Education, presented awards for the best talks and posters during an Awards Luncheon in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Awards for oral presentations went to:

Alison M. Izawa, Humanities, “A Creative Writing Thesis: The Story of a Young Woman and Her Passage From One Stage to Another”

Phan N. Ngac, Biological Sciences, mentor: Dr. Keith Fong, “Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) & Lysyl Oxidase-like (LOXL) Protein and its Role in Stabilizing the Collagen and Elastin in the Extracellular Matrix (ECM)”

Georganne M. Nordstrom, Humanities, mentor: Dr. John Zuern, “Exploring the Potential”

Tembra G. Way, Biological Sciences, mentor: Dr. C. N. Lee, “The Efficiency of the Living Machine System in Remediation of Slaughterhouse Wastewater”

Awards for posters went to:

Joshua B. Hvidding, Biological Sciences, mentor: Vivek Nerurkar, “Tracing Human Migration Across the Pacific by Complete JC virus Genome Analysis”

Michele M. Kislan, Biological Sciences, mentor: Dr. John Hu, “Expression of the Coat Protein Gene from the Pineapple Mealybug Wilt-associated Virus-2”

Naomi K. Long, Humanities, Dr. Frank Stewart, “Fugitive Place: Walk Poems”

Melanie M. Mann, Social Sciences, mentor: Stephan Ousley, “Discriminant Functions using ILDs to Determine American Indian vs. non-American Indian Ancestry”

This annual campuswide symposium and exhibit of undergraduate research is sponsored by the UH Manoa Honors Program, Hawai`i Space Grant Consortium, Land Grant Program, Sea Grant Program, and Marine Option Program.

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