Space Grant Program Director for Future Flight, Art Kimura, Introduces Space Flight and Microgravity Concepts

Art Kimura, Space Grant Program Director for Future Flight, receives enthusiastic responses from students during a recent school visit to introduce space flight and microgravity concepts. Future Flight Hawaii, a K-12 education project of the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium, has begun an extensive in-school space education program for grades 2 through 7.

Art and Rene Kimura, Future Flight Coordinator, will visit public and private schools this spring (February through May) throughout the islands. The lively “Living in Microgravity” presentation and hands-on activities will reach about 4000 students this school year. In addition to this in-school program, Future Flight Hawaii offers summer educational programs. For more information on the tenth anniversary programs in summer 2000, please visit the Future Flight Hawaii homepage.

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