Oahu K-12 Educators Participate in Web-Enhanced Learning Environment Strategies Workshop

Twenty-five Oahu K-12 educators from public and private schools participated in a workshop titled “Web-Enhanced Learning Environment Strategies – WELES.” Participants learned strategies for merging Web resources with their methods of planning lessons and teaching. Developed through a joint effort between the Pennsylvania State University’s College of Education and NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Education Office, WELES provides practical plans for using Web-based NASA educational resources. Workshop presenters were Dr. Barbara Grabowski and Dr. Tiffany Koszalka, from Penn State, accompanied by Ms. Catherine Albert, from Penn State, and Dr. Marianne McCarthy and Ms. Michelle Davis from NASA Dryden. Also in attendance were HSGC Director, Dr. Jeff Taylor, and web developer, Ms. Linda Martel, as well as Penn Space Grant Director, Dr. Richard Devon. The workshop was hosted at Dole Middle School with the assistance of Mr. Kevin Boggs, Dole Technology Coordinator.

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