Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium, Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, University of Hawai'i, 1996

Temperature Control

To design and build a model temperature control system for a human settlement on the Moon.

Key Words




"Moon ABCs Fact Sheet"

construction materials
such as cardboard boxes
and tubes, blocks, hoses,
straws, string, pins, rubber
bands, tape, etc.


Review the clothes you and your classmates wear during each season of the year, both indoors and outdoors. You may want to write this information on a chalk board or paper.

How many degrees does the temperature have to change for you to switch from shorts to jeans, from bare hands to gloves, or to add a shirt over a swimming suit?

What effect do Sun, clouds, wind, and your own activity level have on the temperature choices you just made?

What are the coldest and hottest temperatures you ever experienced?

What is the number of degrees between these two extremes you felt?

Besides your selection of clothing, what other precautions did you take to protect your body?

Think back to a severe hot spell or cold snap your town experienced or that you heard about. List the effects of these temperature extremes on soil, plants, animals, buildings, water use, and electrical use.

What different environments on Earth (both indoor and outdoor) could be uncomfortable or actually dangerous to us if we did not control the temperature to which our bodies were exposed?

What different ways do we have of controlling the temperature on Earth?

Review the "Moon ABCs Fact Sheet." How do temperatures on the Moon compare with temperatures on Earth? Will the Moonbase inhabitants be able to exist without special temperature controls on the surface of the Moon? How about in their constructed Moonbase settlement?

Design a temperature control system to protect the Moonbase inhabitants and their possessions/equipment both on the surface of the Moon and in their settlement. You may assume that ample electricity will be available.

Construct a model of this system based on your design. It must include the application of at least four facts from the "Moon ABCs Fact Sheet." For example, how will the Moon's gravity affect the design of your system? Maybe your system will be very heavy but still portable by only a few Moonbase workers because the Moon's gravity is only 1/6th of Earth's gravity.

Make a detailed and labeled sketch of the model.

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