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News about BrushBot Olympics

Background: Bringing robotics to all

Even with the growing popularity of robotics programs in schools, relatively few students and teachers have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with robots as tools for teaching and learning. Costs, lack of awareness, lack of training, and perceved complexity can all stand in the way. Also, most robotics programs are run after school for selected students, thus limiting participation even further. Hence, Art and Rene Kimura are helping to bring BrushBots to as many schools as possible and to launch BrushBot Olympics. BrushBots are small robots made from the head of a toothbrush and a micro motor.

For the past couple of years, the Kimuras have been hosting free, evening programs called BrushBot FESTivals in schools across the state. They are extending the BrushBot world to launch BrushBot Olympics. The first global BrushBot Olympics, hosted by Art and Rene Kimura, were organized at the 2011 Japan Super Science Fair in Kyoto, Japan. Held at Ritsumeikan High School (one of Japan's Super Science High Schools) and Ritsumeikan University, the Super Science Fair (a five-day event) attracted 300 participants from 46 schools representing 19 countries. Art and Rene joined three students and four teachers from Waiakea High and five students from Iolani School at the event. BrushBot Olympics are coming to Hawaii‘s public schools. So keep an eye out for them where you live!

Watch the BrushBot Olympics promotional video!

Watch the BrushBot Olympics promotional video! Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium is pleased to announce the BrushBot Olympics. Click on the picture to go to the video, made courtesy of Keith Uehara. The video link will open in a new window.


[Links open in new windows.]

BrushBot Olympics Background Science and Design/Building Instructions [2-page pdf].

BrushBot Olympics Competition Rules [2-page pdf].

Future Flight Hawai‘i summer program.

Space Explorers BrushBot FESTivals: Family Science Night Flyer [pdf].

Videos and Photos! See more BrushBots in action!

Contact for Additional Information

BrushBot Inquiries: Art Kimura, art@higp.hawaii.edu, for further information on sources of BrushBot kits, how to prepare motors, etc.

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