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Climb High, Climb Far, Your Goal the Sky, Your Aim the Star.

Saturday, October 26, 2013
8:00 am - 3:00 pm
at Punahou School

Astronaut Lacy Veach
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For students in grades 4 and above, parents, and teachers of any grade level or subject: This is the 12th annual celebration and special day honoring the life and legacy of Charles Lacy Veach, who grew up in Honolulu with an interest in science, had a distinguished career in the United States Air Force, and went on to fly two Space Shuttle missions.

Astronaut Lacy Veach serves to remind us all that the dreams of today can be forged into exploration and discoveries of tomorrow. While in Hawai‘i, a child once asked Astronaut Veach: "What does it take to become an astronaut?" Veach responded, "You've got to believe in your dreams and you've got to be hard-headed enough to never let go."

This is a free event.

Please see the schedule of workshops and list of displays and exhibits for additional information.

See the article and photo album of past events from Punahou School.

Shuttle launch

In 1992 during his second Space Shuttle mission (STS-52, Columbia) Astronaut Veach received a radio message from a student: "What are the similarities and differences between canoe and space travel?"

Astronaut Charles Lacy Veach answered,
"Both are voyages of exploration. Hokule‘a is in the past, Columbia is in the future."

Navigator Nainoa Thompson added from the canoe,
"Columbia is the highest achievement of modern technology today, voyaging canoe was the highest achievement of technology in its day."

Hokule‘a offshore at Makua, 2003 (Ka‘iulani Murphy and Polynesian Voyaging Society)
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